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Journals 2005/2006

Susan Holt
Arcadia High School, Phoenix, Arizona

"Investigating Indonesian Tsunami"
M/V Performer
May 9-26
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May 15, 2005

Today, the ROV crew worked hard to get the camera functioning so the film crew could have quality video from the ocean floor. In the meantime, the seismic group returned to work with the airgun and streamer, collecting data at a second site. Plans are to go back to the first site to put the ROV in the water to capture video. We should arrive there about 3:00 am.

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Our Co-Chief Scientists of the trip, Dave Tappin on the left saying cheers and, my mentor, Kate Moran on the right.Captain Gregg Baptiste on the bridge of the ship. He described how they "walk the dog," which means control the ship when the ROV is down.
Yang Shen in his ultimate office on the bridge, looking out over the stern (back) of the ship and on the starboard (right) side. Shen is working on gravitational forces that will be used in modeling.Marciele Woodard and William Varquez, who make some great meals, in the galley. Meals are served four times a day because someone is always up and working. In between meals, snacks are out for anyone who might be hungry between meals.
Colin Ware, Kate Moran, Yang Shen, and Larry Mayer discuss models of the ocean floor where the tsunami possibly started.Frederic Dias, Stephan Grilli and Monsour Ioalalen work on modeling.
David Mosher and David Mearns discuss how long to run lines (take the ship with the seismic equipment between two set points) over the site to collect seismic data.Russell Keltner pulls in the Airgun and the streamer with the fish that determines the depth to run the streamer.