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Journals 2005/2006

Susan Holt
Arcadia High School, Phoenix, Arizona

"Investigating Indonesian Tsunami"
M/V Performer
May 9-26
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May 18, 2005

Today was another beautiful day with temperatures in the 90's. I spent most of the day finding out what people do onboard, although I have not made it to the engine room yet.

Dudley Sargeant is with the film crew. His responsibility is to look through the video clips (and there are HOURS of video) and organize them. He was working on digitalizing all the film, but I think he had to shift focus because there was such a tremendous amount of video.

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Before the helicopter landed to pick up a crew member, some of the crew had to gear up in fire safety suits to stand by in case anything happened. It was very hot on deck and these suits had to be very uncomfortable.Ray Salo had finished putting on his gloves and was holding his helmet that goes with the suit. Two men stood by wearing these suits.
Russell Keltner is in the fire suit to give assistance. Vicki Young was filming the precautions before the helicopter came in. The video crew was on the bridge to capture the event.The Thailand Military Helicopter circling the ship to assess the landing.
A smooth landing and the crew member is aboard. The Thailand Military is picking up his suitcase from Bill and they are off. Everything went beautifully and there were no problems at all. The Captain spoke on the phone to the crew member when he arrived in Phuket and everything was fine.