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Journals 2005/2006

Susan Holt
Arcadia High School, Phoenix, Arizona

"Investigating Indonesian Tsunami"
M/V Performer
May 9-26
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May 14, 2005

Roland Arsenault and Stan Jandura in the conference room, working on visualizations as the ROV is running.

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Colin Ware at work in his new office, the barn. The map behind him is an image of the Indian Ocean created by the United States Geological Society.Tim Masterlark and Chad Fuhrmann (engineering) looking at computer graphics.
Colin Ware shows his visual animation of a slide from data provided by the ROV. David Mearns, Josh Talbot, Ed Wardle, and Matt Green look on.Paul Tyler looking at a specimen collected from the ocean floor.
David Mosher (Team leader of geophysics group) and Kate Moran (Co-chief scientist) look at a map that shows the travel pattern of the seismic survey. Previous research had provided images of the bathymetry (ocean floor surface) where earthquake disturbance could have caused the tsunami. The current research is providing information on the geology underneath the surface, showing, among other things, faults and sediment layers.David Mearns holds an Explorers Club flag that has been carried by past expeditions.