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Journals 2005/2006

Susan Holt
Arcadia High School, Phoenix, Arizona

"Investigating Indonesian Tsunami"
M/V Performer
May 9-26
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May 17, 2005

Most of today was spent in front of the monitors as the ROV explored the ocean bottom. The camera crew has tried to have the scientists reach a conclusion about their results but, I believe, they are frustrated because the scientists keep saying data can support but are not definitive enough to make a conclusion. Science can be a long process and scientists are careful to look at as much information as possible before making conclusions. As Tim Masterlark said, the data give rise to more questions.

David Mearns, Kate Moran and Larry Mayer being videotaped by Ed Wardle for the documentary. The scientists are watching the live video feed from the camera on the ROV and directing the driver by using the radio to the left of the monitor. They are discussing what they are seeing on the bottom of the ocean floor and the possibilities in relationship to the earthquake that caused the December 2004 tsunami.

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Robert Fisher (motorman on the Performer) coming by the barn to see what is going on. Many of the crew have come in to see the research and ask questions, which the scientists enjoy because it gives them a chance to explain what they are doing.The blades used by the ROV to collect samples from the ocean bottom. When the handle is twisted by the ROV's claw, it causes the springs on the side to snap down.
Larry Mayer and Kate Moran being interviewed on the second dive site, called the ditch by the researchers. The previous expedition on the British ship, HMS Scott, imaged the ocean floor in this area and found an unusual depression on the ocean bottom.Josh Talbot, Captain Gregg Baptiste, Ed Wardle and David Mosher discuss results in the barn while Roland Arsenault works with the images on the computer.