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Journals 2005/2006

Denis Costello
North High School, Torrance, California

"The Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms"
R/V Atlantis
July 6 - 26
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July 17, 2005
Starting the Grid

The day began with the science crew finishing up shelf-sampling at OZ1, LP1, KB1 and CB1 stations. We then recovered a drifter on our way to the grid. For me, this was a particularly slow morning. I tried to catch up on my video, help with making solutions and read samples as needed.

Charts and satellite imagery are used to track changes within the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the water off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. View full version pop-up.   James and Science Tech David Sims, recover a drifter. View full version pop-up.
James (at left) and I pose with a recovered drifter. Drifters are used to monitor the speed and direction of local currents. View full version pop-up.   Colonies of juvenile barnacles have attached themselves to the vanes of the drifter. View full version pop-up.

We started on the GH (Gray's Harbor) line after lunch with CTD 91 and completed the last station with CTD 97. It was a small taste of what was still to come.

CTD stations for grid survey. CTD numbers 91 to 189 are labeled on this figure. View full version pop-up.

Caroline and Sean stayed busy setting up their incubation experiments. With the water they collected from the FISH, they added discrete amounts of nutrients to the samples. They had set up a control bottle, bottles with different combinations and of nutrients and iron to monitor growth. The bottles were then placed in the incubators on the back deck of the Atlantis. For the next four days, they will extract the bottles from the incubator, sample from them and start similar experiments for each line along the grid. I will assist with filtering as needed.