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Journals 2006/2007

Peggy Deichstetter
St. Edward High School, Elgin, IL

"Arctic Kelp Bed Study"
July 16 - August 3, 2006
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July 31, 2006
Another windy day

The dive team has one more site to do. They are really antsy to get out, however, the weather is not cooperating. The wind is blowing hard and there are white caps on the water. Katrin and Brenda have finished all their sorting and the samples are now in Susan's hands for identification. It looks like down time for Katrin and Brenda.

A cooler for the aquarium has arrived. No more (ice) bag lady for me.

Steve and I spend the morning running the TSS filters. We measure the water left in the sample bottles, usually just a little less then a liter, then pour it through a pre-weighed millipore filter under suction. All of the suspended sediments are deposited on the filter. After the filters dry, they will be re-weighed, and the difference in the filter weights will be the Total Suspended Solids for that sample of water. We got all 66 samples done before we headed off to lunch.

Steve and filtering. View full version pop-up.

The dive team is still hoping that the wind will die down. After lunch, there are kelp to be measured. Ken explains to me the different growth patterns. The kelp grows during the winter on the energy produced during the long, sunny summer days.

Ken and Steve. View full version pop-up.

My next job is to clean out the sampling bottles. They need to be rinsed of all their seawater and sediments to make sure the next sampling is clean.

Brenda and Katrin have left me some plants to press. I need to remove some plants from the press to make room for the new ones. The pressings look pretty good.

Fish have been added to the aquarium. My next job is to make labels for the new fish, but since fish don't stay in one place, I copied pictures from a taxonomy book to go along with the names so that people would know what they're looking at.

At nine o'clock at night I see Brenda and Katrin. They are dressed to go diving. The wind has died down and they are going to their last dive site.

Brenda and dry suit. View full version pop-up.   Katrin and dry suit. View full version pop-up.