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Journals 2006/2007

Peggy Deichstetter
St. Edward High School, Elgin, IL

"Arctic Kelp Bed Study"
July 16 - August 3, 2006
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August 1 - 2 - 3

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July 24, 2006
A Pressing Day

I checked the sample bottles this morning they are still not dry. We need the room at the sink, so I move the sampling bottles to one of the empty offices.

Clean bottles. View full version pop-up.

The sixty TSS filters need to be weighed. This is very interesting because some filters have gained a lot of weight while others have gained very little.

I entered the data from the weights of the TSS Filters on the computer. The excel spread sheet calculates the amount of Total Suspended Solids in milligrams per liter.

Computer still in hand, I enter the data for the length of the kelp plants into another excel spreadsheet.

Weighed filters. View full version pop-up.

Katrin and Brenda have discovered some unusual algae that they can't classify. Ken shows me how to press the Algae. The object of the pressing is to make the algae look as natural as possible. Using a special paper, you label the paper with location the algae was found and the date. You submerge the paper and the algae into a tray of salt water. You gently move the algae onto the paper. Then you carefully remove the paper and the algae from the water. Once out of the water, you make any final adjustments to the algae using a forceps. Next you place the paper into the press and cover it with cheesecloth, close the press and wait until the specimens dry. These pressings will be sent to a taxonomist who can hopefully identify them.

After Ken looks over the data for the TSS filters, it's time to put them away. Each filter is encased in its foil cover and placed in a labeled plastic bag.

Ken looking over data. View full version pop-up.

The final activity of the day is to weigh sixty new filters and place them in the drying oven.