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Journals 2007/2008

Caitlin Munroe
Manaugh Elementary School, Cortez, CO

"Labrador & Nunavut Ocean Science & ArcticNet/IPY Nunavut Health Survey Program"
Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker Amundsen
July 23 - August 16, 2007
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August 16, 2007

I was up and in the lab by 6AM to begin the task of taking an inventory of the lab and materials for Pascale, who will work on the 3rd leg of the Amundsen's voyage. Little did I realize, in my diligence, that I was missing crepes for breakfast!! After 6 or 7 hours I had completed the inventory, down to the exact number of kim-wipe packages in the lab. Whew!

We approached Churchill in the evening and pulled into port, the process taking a few hours by the time the Gangway was lowered and we were allowed off. Greg and I went for a walk into town from the port but were stopped by a taxi driver telling us there was a polar bear in town. So we drove into town with her and spent a short time at the bar, seemingly the only thing open at 10 pm, and then walked back to the ship. We stopped and spent close to an hour watching the Aurora Borealis display. It was incredible!!! The sky all around us was filled with the shimmering, dancing lights in green and pink - what a show! This was a wonderful way to end the voyage.

On Top of the Bridge
The End of the Road
Pond, Lichen, Rocks in Churchill