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Journals 2005/2006

Julie Long
Farnsworth Middle School, Guilderland, NY

"Late-summer Ecosystems Monitoring Survey"
R/V Albatross IV
August 12-25, 2005
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August 25, 2005

We sailed through the Cape Cod Canal this morning around 7:00A.M. A group of us went up on the bow to stand and watch as we sailed through. It was pretty neat. We were sailing the coast and we were all anxious to be home. The stations are done. We have packed and cleaned our rooms, packed up all of the science equipment and samples, and taken a number of group photos. This trip has been an amazing experience for me. I've been a student and a teacher in a two week period of time. I have had the opportunity to do research. I have made great connections with some great scientists in NOAA and in the EPA. I have met new friends and gained new ideas for how to bring science into my classroom. It has been a great two weeks.