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Journals 2005/2006

Julie Long
Farnsworth Middle School, Guilderland, NY

"Late-summer Ecosystems Monitoring Survey"
R/V Albatross IV
August 12-25, 2005
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August 20, 2005
Coast Guard Meeting

I got to go to bed early this morning!! Our last station was at 1:30A.M., and the next one wasn't until 8:00A.M. So Jerry told us to go to bed when we were done. I actually slept for 7 hours! What a treat.

When I woke up we were just offshore from Chatam, MA (part of Cape Cod). Land! I went up on deck and saw at least 12 people (crew, officers, and scientists) on their cell phones. It was kind of funny. Of course I joined in the fun and mad a few calls to friends and family as well.

The Coast Guard was supposed to meet us at 10:00A.M. They didn't meet us until 11:00A.M. The whole changing crew process took a good half an hour, most of which was spent playing chase (we'd move and the Coast Guard boat would follow). It was neat to see the relatively tiny Coast Guard cutter pull along side and switch gear and people. I was really sad to see Joe go. He does have an ARMADA hat as a souvenir though.

The Coast Guard cutter departing after our rendezvous and changing of the crew.

Joe was replaced by a grad student from URI named Pete. It's weird to me that just a few days ago I was the "newbie" needing to be trained and now I am the trainer of Pete. Joan also joined our watch so she could experience the early watch.