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Journals 2007/2008

Christine Kirch
West Warwick High School, West Warwick, Rhode Island

"Life in the Extreme Environment of Mohn's Ridge"
Norwegian Research Vessel G.O. Sars
June 25 - July 9, 2007
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June 29, 2007
Jan Mayen

It is too cloudy to see Jan Mayen, still steaming.

We had hoped to retrieve equipment that was left last year to learn more about Atlantic vents but it was a no go. The ROV wasn't working. The macrofauna guy had wanted to put down cow bones and tissue (no whale parts were available) and pieces of wood to see if there is a migration among vent organisms. This is because of Iceland interrupting the ridge.

Rolf had a meeting to apprise the scientist party of the latest. The CTD was going to be calibrated, sensors were going to be put on it, and we would be ready to look for vents. The CTD can detect plumes of methane and hydrogen gases which would indicate that a vent is in the area. As well as detect, beside the usual conductivity, temperature, and depth, turbidity and particles. We were also informed that the ROV needs parts and that the CTD really isn't working correctly. A plan between the scientists was being cooked up as to what to do. The crew and scientists tried to get a sediment core or two but all that came up was rocks. Later in the day it was determined that we would steam North and get a plane drop from Svalbard to deliver the ROV part.