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Journals 2007/2008

Christine Kirch
West Warwick High School, West Warwick, Rhode Island

"Life in the Extreme Environment of Mohn's Ridge"
Norwegian Research Vessel G.O. Sars
June 25 - July 9, 2007
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June 26-28, 2007
Steaming to 71 degrees North

It was calm while we were leaving the fjord. Once we hit open sea people disappeared for days. Not too much went on but there were a few highlights.

On Tuesday we had a safety drill which didn't require survival suits, thank goodness. I hate those things. I talked to David Shale for quite a bit, what a fascinating man.

I spent most of the rest of the day on Tuesday getting my sea legs.

A transderm patch was of the essence but it still took awhile. I sat in a comfortable chair in the library and dozed. People would come and go but with the picture windows it was a great place to acclimate yourself to the sea and the waves.

The ship's library

On Wednesday nothing much went on I just read.

There is nothing to report on Thursday, still steaming.............