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Journals 2007/2008

Morgan Hardwick-Witman
Smithfield High School, Smithfield, Rhode Island

"Linkages between larvae and recruitment of coral reef fishes along the Florida Keys shelf: an integrated field and modeling analysis of population connectivity in a complex system."
R/V. F.G. Walton Smith
29 July - 14 August 2007
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July 29, 30 - 31
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12 August 2007
"Last full day at Sea"

Location:off Fiesta and Long Keys
Lat: 24° 37.125' N
Long: 80° 37.729'

Chief Scientist Bob has located the inner edge of the eddy which are small scale circular currents that penetrate 100-200 m in these waters. These eddies are important components of retaining the larvae in the Florida Keys and where we are focusing our sampling in these final cruise days. The current data shows a reversal of water flow here where we are sampling. We ran out of filter paper so have filtered our last chlorophyll samples this morning, however, we still deploy the CTD at alternate stations to collect the physical oceanographic data. We are continuing the MOCNESS plankton sampling but the preserving alcohol supply has run low. So we are using the remaining alcohol judiciously.

Sieving out the sea water and concentrating the plankton sample before preserving it in alcohol. Note: We were permitted to toss the tiny reef fish (trigger fish?) back in the water.

Capt. Sean pointed out some of the interesting first vessels of the day. An enormous cruise ship went by doing ~19 knots then a "Row-Row", a container ship, that quickly empties the cargo containers as they roll off, passed by in the distance traveling at 16.5 knots. The R/V Walton Smith goes ~10 knots when the bottom is clean and it's running well.

This afternoon, I returned some of Bob's publications that were really helpful to read and gave him an ARMADA hat as thanks for a fabulous research experience. Zoe has the picture to prove it.