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Journals 2007/2008

Morgan Hardwick-Witman
Smithfield High School, Smithfield, Rhode Island

"Linkages between larvae and recruitment of coral reef fishes along the Florida Keys shelf: an integrated field and modeling analysis of population connectivity in a complex system."
R/V. F.G. Walton Smith
29 July - 14 August 2007
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11 August 2007
"Heading Back East"

Location:Off Key West
Lat: 24° 24.384' N
Long: 81° 52.447' W

We turned around and now we are heading 'home' back east. We will be zigzagging on the return trip, alternating MOCNESS stations, retrieving plankton samples, with CTD casts.

Capt. Sean announced from the bridge that there was fish activity up ahead. Brown noddy and frigates were working the area over small skipjack tuna that were breaking the surface. More flying fish were sailing on the waves.

Asked volunteer Zoe Van Scayndel a few questions between stations this afternoon. Originally from Massachusetts, she is currently a lecturer in the Finance Department at U. Miami teaching corporate finance. Over the years, she has worked for the private sector, the government, as well as academia. She accompanied Bob and Cedric on an ISIIS trip last summer and when a friend at RSMAS told her about this cruise she volunteered again. An accomplished photographer, she has taken some nice shots this trip. Between stations, she is working on writing a murder mystery. Onboard the vessel, she is also gathering information for her next mystery which is set onboard a research vessel in and around Key Biscayne. For fun she paddles outrigger canoes, rollerblades, swims and walks. She has a good sense of humor and brightens the deck in her pink Crocks. She adds with an easy laugh, that she hasn't figured out yet what she wants to do when she grows up.

Volunteer Zoe Van Scayndel working on her murder mystery in the main salon