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Journals 2006/2007

Anna Hilton
Jennie Moore Elementary, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

"Monitoring, Assessment, and Prediction of Tidal Creeks in the Southeast
Hollings Marine Laboratory, South Carolina
July 5, 2006 - August 18, 2006
Journal Index:
March 25 - 26
July 5 - 6 - 14 - 17 - 18 - 19-1 - 19-2 - 25
August 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 18


Function: adjective
1 : of, relating to, or occurring at the bottom of a body of water
2 : of, relating to, or occurring in the depths of the ocean

Function: noun
1 : a branch of knowledge that deals with living organisms and life processes
2 a : the plant and animal life of a region or environment  b : the life processes of an organism or group

Function: noun
: the degree and rate at which a substance (as a contaminant) is absorbed into a living system

Function: noun
: the plants and animals of a region

Function: noun
: the manipulation (as by changing genetic material) of living things to produce useful products (as crops resistant to disease)

Function: noun
1 : a science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the changes that they go through
2 : chemical composition, properties, or processes <the chemistry of gasoline> <the chemistry of iron> <the chemistry of blood>

Function: noun
1 : the parts or elements of something
2 : elements of a compound <the composition of rubber>

Function: noun
: a careful preservation and protection of something; especially : planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, pollution, destruction, or neglect

Function: noun
: something that contaminates

Function: verb
: to make impure or unfit for use by adding something harmful or unpleasant <wells contaminated by chemicals>

Function: noun
: a group of plants and/or animals in one place that interact with all the nonliving things (soil, water, climate) and the other living things

Function: adjective
: the surrounding conditions or forces (such as soil, climate, and living things) that control a plant or animal's ability to

Function: noun
: a passage where the tide meets a river current; especially : an arm of the sea at the lower end of a river

Function: adjective
: of, relating to, or occurring in an estuary

Function: noun
: animals or animal life especially of a region, period, or environment

Function: noun
: a clear aqueous solution of formaldehyde containing a small amount of methanol used especially as a preservative

Global Positioning System (GPS)
Function: noun
: a navigation system that uses satellite signals to find the location of a radio receiver on or above the earth's surface accurately determining the latitude and the longitude

Function: noun
: the place or type of place where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives or grows

Function: verb
1 : to make homogeneous
2 : to reduce to small particles of uniform size and distribute evenly

Function: noun
: an animal (as a worm, clam, spider, or butterfly) that lacks a backbone

Function: noun
: a place equipped for making scientific experiments and tests

Function: adjective
: of, relating to, or produced by molecules

Function: noun
1 : the smallest particle of a substance having all the characteristics of the substance <a molecule of water> <a molecule of oxygen>
2 : a very small bit : particle

Pronunciation: 'pE-"än, -&n
Function: noun
1 : a member of the landless laboring class in Spanish America
2 : a person who does hard or dull work
- pe·on·age /'pE-&-nij/ noun

Function: noun
: water sampled from within the sediments

????????? Phragmites australis, the Common Reed is a large grass native to wetland sites throughout temperate and tropical regions of the world. It is generally regarded as the sole species of the genus Phragmites, though some botanists divide the genus into three or four species

Function: noun
1 : careful study and investigation for the purpose of discovering and explaining new knowledge
2 : the collecting of information

Function: adjective
: of or relating to the country, country people or life, or agriculture

Pronunciation: 'se-d&-m&nt
Function: noun
1 : the material from a liquid that settles to the bottom
2 : material (as stones and sand) deposited by water, wind, or glaciers

Function: noun
: a device with meshes or holes to separate finer particles from coarser ones or solids from liquids

Function: adjective
1 : of, relating to, or caused by a poison or toxin
2 : poisonous

Function: noun
Amount of toxins

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