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Journals 2006/2007

Anna Hilton
Jennie Moore Elementary, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

"Monitoring, Assessment, and Prediction of Tidal Creeks in the Southeast
Hollings Marine Laboratory, South Carolina
July 5, 2006 - August 18, 2006
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August 11, 2006
Packing Up

Packing up to head back to Hollings Marine Laboratory

Our last day in Wilmington was spent packing our equipment and samples for our trip back to Hollings Marine Laboratory in Charleston. I was glad to be headed home because today was my ten year wedding anniversary and I looked forward to celebrating with my husband. The remaining members of our research crew checked out of the hotel and headed to the UNC Marine Center to pack up the U-Haul and pick up the boat for our trip back home. Heather was there to let us into the lab to pick up our water and soil samples. Our equipment had been neatly stowed on the loading dock each day after our field work. Today a beautiful multifunctional deepwater monitoring sonde had been unloaded right beside our equipment. Both Guy and I jokingly asked Heather if this was intended as a going away present for us. She told me how the researchers used the cutting-edge piece of equipment to measure an array of water properties in the deep water river near the lab. Many hands quickly packed our gear into the U-Haul and we were shortly on our way home.

We hoped this multifunctional deepwater monitoring sonde was left as a going home present for us!

I was glad to be back in Charleston, but sad that my field work was finished. Ann Blair met us at the HML loading dock to take the water samples into the lab for refrigeration. We talked briefly about James Island Creek, the last creek that the Tidal Creeks Monitoring and Assessment Project would sample this year. School is starting so I will not be able to work in the field. I told Ann I would love to work in the lab processing the samples from James Island Creek if I could fit it in to my now busy schedule. I told my research team goodbye and that I looked forward to seeing them after their field work at James Island Creek.