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Journals 2006/2007

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly
IS 143-Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, NY, New York

"Conducting an East-West Atlantic transect to investigate the coupling between atmospheric and oceanic organic pollutants"
R/V Endeavor
June 20 - July 9, 2006
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July 9, 2006
Thank you for a wonderful learning experience

Today is my last day on the R/V Endeavor. We were all up at 5:00 am. Eric pointed out the Newport Bridge and other landmarks.

Arrival in Rhode Island

At 6.30 am the Endeavor arrived at the GSO dock. It was wonderful to see Maryann and Rainer on the dock.

Maryann Scholl and Rainer Lohman greeting the Endeavor

No one was allowed to board the ship till the customs officials had completed all formalities.

Eric and I waiting to clear immigration and customs before disembarking

It was very kind of Maryann to meet the ship and drive me to the station to catch a train back to NYC. Starting with Maryann (who picked me up at the train station) I have met so many wonderful people on this trip. It was with mixed feelings that I said goodbye. I look forward to meeting everyone again at the conference in March 2007.

The last leg of my trip

I would like to thank Ms. Ronnie Pappas, our new Principal at IS 143, for allowing me this opportunity and for her continued support of the ARMADA Project. Mr. Luis Malave, (A.P), for his genuine enthusiasm in establishing a cutting edge science program at our school and for his continued assistance, from completing my application to keeping the students and staff updated with logs from the ARMADA research trip. Dave Nelson (Marine Tech) for making time everyday on the R/V Endeavor to work on a science assignment. Last but not the least a big thank you to Maryann Scholl, Jill Johnen and Andrea Kecskes at URI Marine Programs for always being there to keep things running smoothly. I cannot thank you enough.