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Journals 2006/2007

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly
IS 143-Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, NY, New York

"Conducting an East-West Atlantic transect to investigate the coupling between atmospheric and oceanic organic pollutants"
R/V Endeavor
June 20 - July 9, 2006
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July 6, 2006
Almost home

Retarded the clock an hour again. These time changes take their toll on the crew who are already functioning on very little sleep. We are only 500 miles to Beavertail, the point of entry to the US shown on the nautical chart. The sky was overcast and the weather reports were not very good. The spray from the waves hitting the ship was right up to the bridge.

Spray hitting the bridge

Dave and I collected the data, and then checked out the hose, which will be used to the pump the seawater into the filtration unit during the stop. No leaks were detected.

In the afternoon, while on the bridge, I saw Saragossa weed being washed onto the bow. Captain Bruce gave me permission to retrieve these weeds. When Eric and I got to the bow a huge wave broke over us and we got drenched. The water was warm (27°C) and it was fun because it was like being in a water park. Later in the day, Eric and Joe tried it again but the waves were too strong and they ended up hanging on to the side of the ship to avoid getting washed around while we watched from the bridge. We told them that was our bachelor party for them since they were both getting married soon.

I started packing and returning items we had borrowed for use on the trip. I am looking forward to being back on land soon. I have been fortunate not to have been seasick.

This trip has made me appreciate the many sacrifices made by sailors. As the Captain said, before when I heard bad weather was moving out of sea I was relieved, but now I will be thinking of all the sailors out at sea.