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Journals 2006/2007

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly
IS 143-Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School, NY, New York

"Conducting an East-West Atlantic transect to investigate the coupling between atmospheric and oceanic organic pollutants"
R/V Endeavor
June 20 - July 9, 2006
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July 3, 2006
Shared photo site

Another picture perfect day. After data collection, I assisted Dave in trying to figure out what the problem was with the pumping equipment. Dave ran it in a large container of water to simulate the pumping stop conditions. He was not satisfied, but given the constraints, this was the best he could do. He was frustrated, he would have liked to be sure the equipment would work next time because the next 12 hour pumping stop will be the night before we dock and there will not be another chance to get data.

Did my laundry and cleaned my room. Mike helped me upload my photographs to the ship-shared site. There are some fantastic photos on this site.

After the evening data collection we watched the sunset from the bow. We shared how each of us celebrated the 4th of July at home. It seemed that watching the firework displays would be the part everyone was going to miss the most.