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Journals 2005/2006

Michelle Brand-Buchanan
Alexandria Magnet Middle School, Alexandria, LA

"Antarctic Drilling (ANDRILL) Site Survey"
October 16 - November 29
Journal Index:
October 17 - 23 - 29
November 2 - 10 - 21 - 22 - 29

October 29, 2005
Sediment sample from the ocean floor - Gettin' Down and Dirty!

We are collecting sediment samples from the Ross Sea floor. Diane Winter is the lady with the knowledge of the sea floor organisms (other than Dave Harwood). The Kiwis connect the grabber to the drill's crane, and send the grabber to the Ross Sea floor. When the grabber connects with the sea floor, the mouth closes on the sediments and organisms. A sample is taken every 10 flags. Diane dumps the grabber collection into a plastic tub covered with a black trash bag. She then divides the sample into smaller bags for different individuals such as myself, the Zoo School, the school in Harlem and other scientists.

When the grabber came up with the sample on the first flag, a mass of slimy mud was mixed with frazzle (the name given to newly formed ice - it is in thin sheets). However, an unknown plant or coral was growing out of a rock. It now adorns our dinner table. At the second site, a rock was stuck in the door - preventing the door from closing. So, sediments escaped on its way back up to the surface. At the third site we hit the jackpot! A plethora of sediments, rocks, worm burrows, tiny sponges, and an unidentified coral branch-type thing.

Sediments below the ice.