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Journals 2005/2006

Greer Harvell
Meigs Middle School, Shalimar, Florida

"Earthwatch: Coastal Ecology of the Bahamas"
July 5-15, 2005
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July 6, 2005
The adventure begins

Loading the boat.
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We were up and out of our rooms bright and early this morning. We were divided into three groups and rotated through three training activities. While Dr. Sealy drove the boat down the beach, the rest of us began the trek across the beach, over docks and rocky shorelines. Once we had all arrived at the designated location we split up and began our orientation. One group stayed along the shoreline and identified plants as well as mollusks that cover the shoreline during low tide. Another group swam out to the boat, collected their snorkeling gear, and performed various skills under the watchful eye of Dr. Sealy to ascertain their proficiency in the water. The last group snorkeled through the grass beds learning to identify the various plants and animals along the coastline.

We returned to our base camp to have lunch around noon. Afterward Dr. Sealy asked for a volunteer to act as lookout for the supply boat that would be bringing the equipment for our lab. Being the good soldier that I am, I of course volunteered.

Acting as lookout.
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Sadly the supply boat arrived not long after I started my watch and we all worked together to carry the supplies to the lab site. Once everything was in place, Dr. Sealy took us on a walk around the base camp naming the different plants, identifying the invasive plants, and pointing out the poisonous plants. Unfortunately, the poisonwood tree grows here in abundance. Both the leaves and bark of the tree secrete oil comparable to that of poison ivy.

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