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Journals 2005/2006

Greer Harvell
Meigs Middle School, Shalimar, Florida

"Earthwatch: Coastal Ecology of the Bahamas"
July 5-15, 2005
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July 13, 2005
Here fishy, fishy

Today I worked with Dr. Sanford, a retired radiologist who volunteers as part of the Earthwatch staff. He is the resident expert on fish species when Sherry isn't around. It was actually one of least physically demanding days I've had (or I'm so tired I don't know the difference anymore). My time was split between Dr. Sanford and Sherry. Sherry could only have one person with her, as too many scare away her fish and she was afraid it would invalidate her results. So, when I wasn't helping her (did I mention how incredibly cool it is to be able to write underwater?) I was following the good Dr. around in the water trying to absorb as many of the fish's names as I could. It's probably a good thing that today was a light day; tomorrow I have kitchen duty and I'll be seining four times. What a workout that will be! There goes the power again. It seems like the mosquitoes buzz louder when the lights are out. I guess the drone of the generators helps to drown the sound out normally. When they go out the silence is really thick. Or maybe it's just me.