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Journals 2005/2006

Greer Harvell
Meigs Middle School, Shalimar, Florida

"Earthwatch: Coastal Ecology of the Bahamas"
July 5-15, 2005
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July 10, 2005
Treasure Island

Today was very interesting for a number of reasons. We were taken out to the old Disney Cruise Ship (remember the big red boat?) site, and got to see first hand the damage that had been done to the local ecology. Apparently Disney built this "playground" for passengers aboard their cruise ships. Disney leased the land from the owner, built a small community including club houses and horse stables; sunk old metal "pretend" ships, and then just abandoned everything when their lease expired. Vandals have long since taken or destroyed anything of value as far as the buildings go. Unfortunately this part of the island is also an archeological site for one of the first hemp plantations. The Bahamas don't have the same EPA guidelines as the States obviously, and no one has been held accountable for the damage that has been done. The developers certainly have their work cut out for them if they mean to repair the damage. There is an obvious decrease in wild life (both aquatic and on land) as well as the plant life. It's been a sad reality check; a look at what could be in store for all of us if precautions aren't taken.

It's true! They have starfish here the size of dinner plates!