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Journals 2004/2005

Charlene Mauro
Navarre High School, Navarre Florida

"Tracking Juvenile Bull Sharks in
the Indian River Lagoon"

Indian River Lagoon, Florida
June 28 - July 9, 2004
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July 8, 2004


0936 - pinger 7208 detected using the hydrophone

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We were off the mouth of Crane Creek and after an hour of cruising for shark activity, a bull shark was detected.

Before we knew it, there were several YOY (young of the year) sharks spotted around the boat....EXCITING!

Using the rod and reel, the first bull shark was caught!

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The shark was sexed (female) weighed (10lbs) measured (straight-line fork and total length). She still had an umbilical scar not completely healed. The shark was estimated to be over a month old therefore called "young of the year". Not old enough for acoustic study. A small fin clip was removed for genetic analysis. The shark was then tagged with a NMFS numbered rototag punched through the first dorsal fin. From the dorsal fin was taken. A rototag was put on and she was released.

For the next several hours we observed five sharks and hooked two (that got away). We were looking for juveniles so that an acoustic transmitter could be inserted for tracking purposes.


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