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Journals 2004/2005

Linda Hoffman
Palms Middle School, West Los Angeles, California

"Structure of Populations, Levels of Abundance,
and Status of Humpback whales (SPLASH)"

NOAA Ship McArthur
July 28 - August 28, 2004
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August 4, 2004

6am Breakfast and photo identifying flukes. I am also trying to catch up with items in my journal. I found out that the toilets onboard are flushed with seawater and the food waste onboard we separate into different containers. Edible waste in one container, non-edible in another.

Today I went to the bridge. I didn't know we were allowed up there. I met CO Greg Huber. He let me video the bridge, radar, and other interesting areas. We are near seal rock along the Aleutian chain. We are heading to Sand Point to pick up another scientist. Everyone is very excited about seeing land again. I have come to realize that we don't see very much color, especially green when we are out to sea. We won't be making landfall, as only the small boat will pick her up.

The sea is amazing. Today it is extremely calm, birds are flying everywhere and we have Caribbean music on. I feel like I am out on an ocean liner around the Caribbean's instead of the finike bearing sea. Cornelia is a bird expert as she calls off the names of the birds flying around us. Look she says. There is a kitty hawk, there's a puffin and a murlin. My head is spinning as I try to take in all this new knowledge. Then within thirty minutes of enjoying sun for the first time since our trip began, the sun is gone and the wind starts to blow. We are at a beaufort of 4 or 5 and the sea starts to kick up. Now it's raining. We quickly cover the equipment, computer, binoculars, and chairs. We put our other equipment in waterproof containers and take them downstairs and indoors. We forget about ourselves getting wet, equipment first is the priority here. I am told that each digital camera costs approximately $1500.00 or more. I am disappointed, as I would love to own one.

I am glad it is raining as it gives all of us a chance to go indoors and relax where it is safe and warm. We are planning to harbor in Sandy Point and bring Kate in on the Air 2 small boat as Air 1 is up being repaired. I would actually like to go out on the boat just to and from shore if the seas were calmer and the weather better. This would give me a chance to see what it is like without zooming too fast.

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