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Journals 2004/2005

Linda Hoffman
Palms Middle School, West Los Angeles, California

"Structure of Populations, Levels of Abundance,
and Status of Humpback whales (SPLASH)"

NOAA Ship McArthur
July 28 - August 28, 2004
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August 17, 2004

5am. It is extremely foggy today. The foghorn is going off and I force myself out of bed. We will not be able to go up on the fly bridge until the foghorn is no longer blowing.

6am. Breakfast is good as always. We have our choice as to what we want from French toast, to pancakes, to a variety of egg dishes and cereals. The weather today is around 38°F. Outside. I decide to go back to bed and sleep for an hour.

12:30. I really needed that nap and the good lunch I had around 11am. Allan was going to take pictures of me doing the various jobs onboard, but he decided to watch a movie instead. It is his day to relax until the weather clears (if it does) as he is driving air one today. I decided to watch the movie as well and rest my bones. So far the hydrophone ray is in the water but there is no sight or sound of any mammals.

3:30pm. Orcas are sighted and sperm whales are heard on the hydrophone ray.

4:10pm. The small boat is launched with Allen, Jay, Juan Carlos and Todd. The seas are somewhat choppy with fog. I have no clue what they had sighted at this time as the Orcas have disappeared once again.

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