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Journals 2004/2005

Linda Hoffman
Palms Middle School, West Los Angeles, California

"Structure of Populations, Levels of Abundance,
and Status of Humpback whales (SPLASH)"

NOAA Ship McArthur
July 28 - August 28, 2004
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August 15, 2004

6am-10am. I have breakfast and I work on the photo identification catalog.

10:30-12:30. On observation deck video taping volcano, fog, and Allen. Suddenly I sighted Orcas and blurted it out. This is something you are not suppose to do when the scientists are on effort. Everyone however is excited. For the next hour or so we get video and stills of the Orcas. Juan Carlos is getting his bow ready, as he will try to get a biopsy from the ship. I resight the Orcas several times but in my heart of hearts I don't want them shot at since there is a calf present. I also didn't like the amounts of energy the Orcas were spending to avoid us. How might this expended energy affect them in these harsh conditions? Anyway, Juan is unable to get a shot at the Orcas, and we soon give up trying for a biopsy from the ship.

12:48. I lie down for a while after lunch. I am finding myself getting dehydrated and I need to figure out how to avoid this problem.

9pm. Sperm whales are sighted. I go on the fly bridge to resight the sperm whales for the scientists but I am unable to spot them. It is getting dark, so we need to cover all the equipment and call it a day. I help cover the binoculars and chairs and go back down to the dry lab. I hear the captain and Dr. Barlow discussing the weather. It seems there is bad weather up ahead and Dr. Barlow decides to go through it. Around 2am we hit 35knott winds and lots of sideways rolling. I am doing fine but I keep banging my back and head against the wall side of my bed. I must learn how to tie myself down.

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