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Journals 2003/2004

Lynn Masellis
McGinnis Middle School, Perth Amboy, NJ

"Late summer ecosystem monitoring survey"
R/V Argo Maine, Gulf of Maine
August 19 - 30, 2003

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DAY 9: Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Today was named terrible Tuesday. It is quite amazing how rough the sea becomes in a matter of moments. When I went to sleep on Tuesday night all was calm and fair. By the time I woke up the sea became rough and choppy. The nighttime was scary as I got rocked and rolled to sleep. A big pitch would land us down hard and I would wake up hearing things crash. However, this time I put on a light to make sure it wasn't taking place in my room. I began my prayer asking God to be there in my dark bunk and keep me safe. It felt like the boat was going to tip over. Again, I realized that my life could end upon or under this boat. Although the crew accepts it like-just another rough night-I just can't take "another one of these nights!" So I took my seasickness medicine and cashed out for the night. The morning came and I got pushed about again we completed our morning assignment and when the afternoon came I tried to keep busy and keep my mind off the rough seas. Just when I thought I acquired my sea legs, I got a bit queasy. I didn't even want a cookie. Now that's something-when I can say no to a cookie? Everyone on board knew I'd had it with the sea playing these roller coaster games. I got threw the day organizing my belongings, watching the sea off the back deck and talking to the captain. We shared stories about our lives and laughed a bit.

During our p.m. shift "She laid down." That means the sea calmed down and it was nice to sail along again. I was happy about that because this was my last night on the boat. Jerry and I took out my star map and tried to find different constellations. He had been out camping with the boy scouts and had a bit more experience than myself. After finding Mars-again we spotted a few different common clusters and began talking about life when we get off the boat. After a bit we went inside for our last movie night. I made the last bag of kettle corn and we even got our last slice of homemade apple pie. I am going to miss our nighttime regiment. Back to reality.

I later went out on deck alone and just gazed into the nighttime sky, wondering what lies ahead in life. I guess we'll see.

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