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Journals 2003/2004

Lynn Masellis
McGinnis Middle School, Perth Amboy, NJ

"Late summer ecosystem monitoring survey"
R/V Argo Maine, Gulf of Maine
August 19 - 30, 2003

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DAY 6: Sunday, August 24, 2003

After holding on for dear life all night I hardly got any sleep. I was cold and tired when they woke me up earlier than the normal time because at 6:15 we were to complete the first station of the new day. This was the earliest station Jerry and I had yet. It was perfectly timed. (Ugh!) After the 6:15 station and the 8:00 station and we were basically off until our next shift at 6:00 p.m. Even though we were off I felt like it was the beginning of a very long day. I tried to take a nap in different corners of the ship because I didn't want to be at the bottom of the ship in my bunk. I wanted to cash out somewhere on top. Everywhere I went I couldn't get comfortable, and therefore, I would be tired all day. I was beginning to get sick of being on the boat and doing the scheduled duties. I missed land, I missed my daughter and most of all I missed my own bed.

I did get a nap in the afternoon, guess where of all places-the galley. It was nice to wake up and sit up and be at the table ready for whatever meal is next. The galley had light, life, and a cushioned bunk seat with a fan. I felt like a cat, you would find me in weird places off shift. I was just trying to get energized for my p.m. shift. Before the p.m. shift Herb made us an Autumn dinner. We had pork chops with homemade mashed potatoes, and squash. He even topped off the meal with warm molasses cookies. You just gotta love this crew.

At the stroke of six Jerry and I had a new station. We had it down to a pattern now. In the a.m. shifts I would be out on deck and in the p.m. shifts he was out on deck. I guess he didn't want to lose me in the dark. I did have a close call once or twice that scared him more that it scared me. I know he knows the hazards of being out at sea and the nighttime must be more hazardous. He is still a great gentleman and I feel lucky to have him as my partner.

When we finished our first station we were informed that it was our last for the night. It would be about seven hours until we got to the next station. Oh what a relief! I was so happy, because now I could take a shower before I go to sleep. Of course the shower had only drips coming from the showerhead. Now it was time to weep. My tears are what cleansed me. I believe that I went to bed with shampoo in my hair, but I was having a meltdown. I was throwing in the towel. It was a long week and I needed sleep. I went to bed and counted down the days until the end of the trip. I stated to feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway. We had a lot in common.

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