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Journals 2009/2010

Jennifer Duncan
Madeira Beach Fundamental School, Madeira Beach, Florida

"Long-term Observations in the Northern Gulf of Alaska:
Chemical Analysis Response to Climate Variability"

R/V Tiglax
September 10 - 19, 2009
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September 19, 2009
Ah, Land at Last!!

We arrived into Seward with smiles on our faces. We all had a wonderful time; however we were all ready to get onto land. The sunrise was a perfect end to our trip and the ride back through Resurrection Bay was beautiful. The temperature was an ideal 65 degrees with the sun shining. We took a group picture with the Seward Mountains in the background said our goodbyes and exchanged emails. My ride back to Anchorage was peaceful and with breathtaking views. This was a very informative research and learning experience. I have many stories and pictures to share with my students, friends, and family.

Kat in the bow arriving back to Seward

The crew going from left to right: Dr. Jeremy Mathis, scientists Ken Koyle, student Amy Rath, master student Kristen Shake, phD student Katherine Trahanovsky, Captian Dan, master student Jennifer Questel, John Hogue, teacher Jennifer Duncan (me), CTD engineer Rob Palmares, Chef Ryan Lee, and Patrick Pritchett.