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Journals 2009/2010

Jennifer Duncan
Madeira Beach Fundamental School, Madeira Beach, Florida

"Long-term Observations in the Northern Gulf of Alaska:
Chemical Analysis Response to Climate Variability"

R/V Tiglax
September 10 - 19, 2009
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September 15, 2009
The Perfect Storm

After yet another gourmet dinner by Ryan Lee, Captain Daniel Erickson mentioned that a storm is headed our way. Ryan Lee was our culinary chef aboard. Ryan used to live in Boca Raton, Florida and has cooked for George Bush Sr. and the Clintons in his past working experience. You can imagine how delightful the food was. Every meal on this trip was a work of art.

Culinary Chef Ryan Lee, cooking yet another gourmet meal. He used to cook in Boca Raton for presidents like George Bush Sr. and the Clintons.

Dr. Mathis and his graduate students Kat and Kristen chilling in the galley

The wind started picking up and huge swells began to develop. As the boat moved into the next wave water would be thrown drastically into the air and fall all over the bow. It was only 9:00 and I thought it would be best to lie down. Some of us were not feeling so great, a little seasick. It must have been about midnight and I almost rolled out of my bunk. The wind was honking at gusts of 50 knots and the boat was really rocking and rolling. To be honest it was a challenge to stay in my bunk without falling out, it was difficult to sleep.

I was not scared, but getting frustrated that I could not lay still and fall asleep. Somehow my shoes, water bottle, sweater, and journal ended up all over the stateroom in the morning. My drawers were all opened. I am just glad they didn't break.

I guess I didn't realize how rough the Gulf of Alaska could be. I did not think of comparing my experience to that of the show, Deadliest Catch that takes place in the Bering Sea; however I found out we were literally in deeper waters. The Bering Sea is in shallower waters and is protected by the Aleutian Islands. The crew explained to me later on that the Gulf of Alaska is not protected and storms can come quick.

In the morning Chief scientist, Jeremy woke me up to see if I was OK. Supposedly, I was not alone in this dilemma. The seas were finally calm as we took hostage and pulled into Prince William Sound. Ah, peace at last. It was absolutely delightful.