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Journals 2009/2010

Beth Brocato
Exeter-West Greenwich Junior High School, W. Greenwich, Rhode Island

"Bottom Trawl Survey, Northeast Fisheries Science Center"
September 9 - 24, 2009
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September 22, 2009
Happy Birthday to Me

Track the Bigelow.

Well, today is a BIG birthday for me and it was work as usual aboard the Bigelow. Many of our catches today were full of spiny dogfish. Spiny dogfish are small sharks (about 1 meter long) that tend to school in same sex group. That would make sense since each tow had a majority of either male or female sharks.

This is a spiny dogfish being removed from the hopper.

We also caught our first seahorse. This one sample is about 4 cm in length. It is a pretty rare catch for a trawler. It is also a sensitive species so the scientists attempted to keep it alive and release it after collecting its data.

Lone seahorse from today's catch

And finally, at the end of a long 12-hour shift, the galley staff made a nice birthday cake and everyone on the ship came to wish me a Happy Birthday. Thanks Bigelow staff and crew!

Me cutting my birthday cake