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Journals 2008/2009

Zamaria Rocio
Horace Mann Middle School, San Diego, CA

"Marine Biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef
(Heron Island Research Station)"

August 25 - September 14, 2008
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August 28, 2008
What's Cooking?

Our Chef

I believe one of the most important support persons here is the chef. Yes, you heard me right our group has their very own chef, Christos. We never go hungry with Christos around. He fixes lunch and dinner meals that you would pay a lot of money for in restaurants. The way he presents the food on our plates is right out of the pages of a gourmet magazine. You can tell he takes pride in each plate he prepares because of the way he arranges the food on it. Each balanced meal is different and delicious. With our dinner meal he includes a dessert. We are very fortunate to have him.

One of the special desserts we had for dinner

Christos trained in a culinary school for four years here in Australia. Usually boat owners hire Christos as their own private chef while they sail around the Great Barrier Reef. He was also the chef for the second expedition in June to Ningaloo Reef. However, the first expedition did not have a chef and everyone had to pitch in and cook for the group. I am sure that they did not eat as well as we did during this expedition. It is difficult when you have been diving all day and are expected to make dinner too. I could just imagine how exhausted they all must have been at night.

Another responsibility Christos had was ordering the supply of food for our group. There was a barge from the mainland that bought food and large items like lumber to the island weekly. The most requested food item that everyone wanted was TimTams. This delicious chocolate cookie is not sold in the United States and is very popular here in Australia. I even found some people hiding whole boxes of them in their rooms but they would never admit it.

Christos had treated us to a barbeque a couple of times, which included some kind of beef, shrimp, and usually fish. We always had plenty of food. Another thing he did was wash all the dishes, pots, and pans that he used to cook in. It is going to be hard for me to go home and cook for my family. I am so spoiled here.

On my birthday, eating a great meal