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Journals 2008/2009

Maria Gomez
Dr. Theodore Alexander Science Center School, Los Angeles, California

"Sound Localization in Plainfin Midshipman Fish"
Bodega Bay Marine lab, Bodega Bay, California
July 17 - July 26, 2009
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July 23, 2008
Point Reyes Beach

This morning before we headed to our next collection site, we stopped at the bakery shop in Tomales Bay. Dr. Sisneros and his group have been coming to this bakery every summer during his research. The food was great and the coffee hit the spot. Once at the beach we donned our boots and gear and headed down to the mud. This site yielded the most specimens thus far. I know that we are definitely going to be up really late tonight during the experiment at the marine station. Since we started later this morning, we didn't go right back to the dorm to sleep. Instead we had some down time before our group was going to meet for dinner and Daphne and I decided to do some exploring of the area. We drove up the coast and visited Armstrong Redwood State Park. Students in California learn about the redwood trees in their social studies classes. As a teacher it was my first real encounter with our state tree. I hadn't appreciated their immensity until I actually stood next to one. Tonight during the experiments we had some extra researchers with us. Two of Dr. Sisneros' colleagues from his time at Cornell came out to visit and join us. As we watched as each specimen undergo the task in the darkness I felt that tonight was the coldest night of the week. I think it was past 1:00 a.m. when I finally got back to our room and off to sleep.

These redwoods are really awesome and tall!