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Journals 2007/2008

Beth Jewell
West Springfield High School, Springfield, VA

"Ecology of Upwelling in the Galápagos Marine Reserve"
Darwin Research Station and the Queen Mabel
January 5-22, 2008
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January 21, 2008
The Long Trip Home

Retracing my steps from a couple of weeks ago, I met Maggy and Angel for the first leg of the journey. We took a taxi to other side of Santa Cruz so we could catch the ferry to cross the channel. There waiting for us was a bus that took us to the airport. Organized lines don't seem to be something that people around here do. There was a mass rush to the ticket counter and people. Once in Guayaquil, I gathered my bags and made my way to the hotel. Jon and Laura were on a later flight so I did a little roaming around while I was waiting on them. I found a juice bar right across the street from our hotel. If only I understood Spanish so I could order. Once they arrived we went for a walk along the river. The current was moving fast and carrying some sort of water plant along. Guayaquil is a major Ecuadorian city and has its crime problems and the look of a run down city. However, along the waterfront, they have landscaped an incredible garden. Our walk took us over small bridges and through tropical plants. We saw a hummingbird at one point in a hibiscus. There were playgrounds, museums, and an IMAX theater for visitors to enjoy. At the end of the walk, was a stairway (complete with 444 steps) to a lighthouse and 360 degree view of the city. This was a perfect way to spend my last evening in Ecuador.

Guyaquil lighthouse
The stairs leading up to the lighthouse
View from the lighthouse down on Guayquil