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Journals 2007/2008

Beth Jewell
West Springfield High School, Springfield, VA

"Ecology of Upwelling in the Galápagos Marine Reserve"
Darwin Research Station and the Queen Mabel
January 5-22, 2008
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January 20, 2008
Cleaning up from the Cruise

We spent most of the day in the heat washing out equipment and dive gear. Drying space was at a premium so things were draped everywhere to dry. Personal gear was packed into bags and cameras were placed in their cases for the flight home. Some equipment would stay behind for later uses. I helped to separate all of the sea urchin cages and spread them out in the sun so they could dry.

Some of the wetsuits drying in the sun
Sea urchin cages drying in the sun

I was sad that I would soon be leaving this wonderful place and team of scientists. The rest of my time I spent watching the iguanas or down at the beach. It is breeding season and the males like to "wrestle" with one another. Their wrestling is more like a pushing match, however they do draw blood and work sore spots on each other.

Two iguanas "wrestling" with one another
Beach at the Darwin Research Station with Puerto Ayora in the background