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Journals 2006/2007

Mike Lampert
West Salem High School, Salem, OR

"Infrasound (low-frequency atmospheric acoustic) monitoring"
October 3 - 18, 2006
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October 10, 2006
North Korean Nuclear Test

Being on an island you are indeed dependent on everyone else. You sense the isolation when the only news you get is from the latest person to arrive. I learned last night of a nuclear test in North Korea. It is ironic that we are building an array that is capable of detecting the blast. There are scheduled to be built sixty infrasonic arrays across the world. In addition the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty will require testing for radioactive fallout and other things. Today I awoke at six, had breakfast and headed to site H2. I was left there to remove the pressure testing caps and install the inlets. Every one of the 8 elements will be pressure tested. We do not have enough caps so they will be shipped from Praia to arrive this Thursday. The gravel has been dumped and tomorrow we will begin placing it around the inlets. The inspectors will then certify the site. The other group sets up two enclosures in the morning. We head back to town for lunch. This time it is spaghetti with shrimp Mariana, and then poached fish.

The Italian cafe on the main street of town.

Back to the array again, the drive just seems to get longer all the time like a commute to work. I sit in the back of the truck to make room and it is more comfortable to have the wind in your face. Maio is a very beautiful island. If they save water it could be nicely tropical. Back at the array we load the truck with equipment and head out to H5. It is a mess so I clean it all up and help install the heavy things. We head back to the CRF and reload for another site. We install a second enclosure and tower.

There are eight antennas that send data to the central recording facility. View full version pop-up.
At each element we need a load of gravel to cover the inlets so that wind does not enter the inlets. View full version pop-up.
The inlet is nothing more than a plastic filter to keep dirt and bugs out, it is porous to let air in. View full version pop-up.
Each Element is remotely powered by the sun and rechargeable batteries. View full version pop-up.

It is 7pm and we head home. I am thankful to shower in cold water. Dinner at the Tutti Fruitti is not very good, the conversation focused on the death penalty and food. I head back to the Marilu where I am staying and bump into the LSD guy. He has been drinking and invites me to the bar but I politely decline. The Europeans come here to live fancy and cheaply. Tomorrow Prof Hedlin leaves. I will work with the guys for the rest of the time there is just a week left. The clerk at the hotel tells me I have a phone call from home. Prof Hedlin and I pick up some perfume for Ihrma for her hospitality.