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Journals 2006/2007

Kate Baugher
Norman North High School, Norman, OK

"Interdisciplinary Coastal Oceanographic Observations
F. G. Walton Smith research vessel
August 3 - 14, 2006
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August 9, 2007
Docking at Fort Meyers, change of scientists

Sampling started early. We had two CTD and three drive bys. Kristain is learning to run the computer for the CTD, so Tom can be freed up to work on his mapping of the currents, etc. I have taken over the sampling preparations because Grant is busy with diving (and he will be gone during the second leg of the trip). We moved into Fort Meyers for docking by about 12:00 noon. It was interesting to watch the docking process - it is quite an ordeal, but our captain is very adept at it. Dr. Tom Lee, Grant, Robert, and Eddie will be leaving the boat. They will be replaced by three new scientists and a deckhand, Joe. I was able to walk around the town until dinnertime. Fort Meyers is a nice retirement community with beach front, a few clubs, and shops. I later met Dr. Libby Johns, Dr. Peter Ortner, both of NOAA, and Dr. John L of Fisheries back at the boat. We went to eat at a nice restaurant.

Diver in water
Sean docking