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Journals 2006/2007

Kate Baugher
Norman North High School, Norman, OK

"Interdisciplinary Coastal Oceanographic Observations
F. G. Walton Smith research vessel
August 3 - 14, 2006
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August 14, 2007
Big work day, spawning coral

Sampling began at 6:00 am. We are doing quite a few CTD's today. Chris is preparing several drifters for the big coral spawning day. Apparently, the coral all throughout the Caribbean spawns once a year on the same date - the first full moon in August. The drifters will be set out to see where the coral zygote will be going. Once the sampling started, it seemed like it would never stop. I got behind at one time. It reminded me of the "I Love Lucy" episode where Lucy was trying to package chocolates from a conveyor belt. It was going so fast she was dropping them, eating them, and somehow managing to package a few. Though I didn't drop any - or eat any, I was going a bit crazy! We arrived back at Miami around dusk. I was given permission to sleep aboard because my plane didn't leave until 5:00 pm tomorrow.

All my samples from the fridge
Miami skyline