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Journals 2004/2005

Leesa Wingo
South Anchorage High School, Anchorage Alaska

"Physical-biological coupling at frontal
zones in Glacier Bay National Park"

Vessel Sigma T
July 12-30, 2004
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July 24 & 25, 2004
Camping on my days off

Before you can stay at the Glacier Bay campground or register for any of the backcountry sites, first you must watch the introductory video about camping safely in the wilderness. It is instructive about bears and food storage, as well as cooking in tidal zones and minimum impact camping. The campground has wheelbarrows for campers to bring your gear from the ranger station to the campsite, which is a treat!

Food is kept in bear barrels and in a food cache, so that there is no encouragement. The only wildlife that was in and near our campsite was a mother moose and baby and the constant crashing of breaching whales at all hours of the night. Earplugs were a necessity.

Entertainment included hiking in the rainforest, whale watching, berry picking and eating pizza. Luckily the weather cooperated most of the time, after all it is Southeast.

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