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Journals 2008/2009

Megan O'Neill
Fairhope High School, Fairhope, Alabama

"Thermal Tolerance of Antarctic Fishes"
R/V Laurence M. Gould
April 21 - June 11, 2009
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May 30, 2009
Birthday Bash (more like the Monster Mash!)

Entertainment is never dull around Palmer Station that is for sure! When it comes to celebrations everyone jumps in with both creative feet. Will B. has even made a wonderful video of the "bizarre celebrations" that we have had from our karaoke, to the fundraiser for HIV/AIDS in which several station members got their heads shaved, to the fish team's live advertisement to recruit help for the overnight fishing trawls. Almost every evening something interesting is planned and posted on the white board of activities in the Galley. Tonight Marin and Bede were both celebrating their birthdays. In honor of Marin being the doc of the station, she chose a theme of costumes - "your favorite traumatic injury." Several of the costumes included some sort of impalements either to the head, arms or hands. The "beakers" as they call the scientists had some great science related injuries and were able to break away from the lab for a little while to enjoy the festivities. Jeff's costume consisted of a pair of latex gloves in which he outlined the bones of his hands and then made dark circles under his eyes to indicate that Lisa was working him to bones in the lab! The best comedy comes from real life, right? Irina's was a nitrile lab glove that she attached a syringe of poison as it were going through her hand and coming out the other side. Very creative! Mine was a broken funny bone - I found a Jester's hat in the Skua bin (arts, crafts and miscellaneous stash of clothes in the GWR building) and used a sling that Marin gave me. To help people figure out my costume I told some really stupid jokes and that usually clued them in. Big fun. We had some great pizzas with homemade dough (of course) from our famous chef, Eric and ice cream sundaes for dessert - yum! We also finally convinced the ones that play instruments on station to set up and play for us. Live music is always such a treat! Harry got the guitar and amp, Kris got his saxophone, Austin his set of baby drums, and Jeff B. a guitar. After they got warmed up and played several songs, Marin jumped in and sang the "Dive Locker Blues" for us, which is an original! We were all thoroughly entertained. I think they all have their next careers ready!

The report from the LMG whale tag team was that #10 whale was tagged, but that she was an active whale (named "Dora") and within a couple of hours had the tag off! That was too bad, however, they got some incredible photos of her breeching and playing around! Alison Stimpert also wrote a hilarious blog from Dora's perspective and the mistaken identity of the Zodiac being a male humpback named Wayne. Definitely worth checking out -

Pirate Claim of the Glacier