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Journals 2007/2008

Kimberly Pratt
Alvarado Elementary School, Union City, California

"Atlantic Northeast Shelf Ecosystem Monitoring Project
NOAA, R/V Delaware II
August 15 - 29, 2007
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August 20, 2007
Rainy Day

Latitude: 40° 20.96' N
Longitude: 73° 21.46' W
Sea Depth: 19.1 m
Wind Speed: 31 knots
Location: Off the Coast of Long Island
Time: 1752

Greetings! Today was a stormy, rainy day. The swells have been really high and it has rained on and off all day. We are headed into a bigger storm this afternoon, so all are "battening down" the hatches - which means, I am going to bed early with a good book while we rock and roll! We did several stations today and got lots of plankton samples. At one station the jellyfish were so numerous that we had to scoop them out with a spoon and put them in their own jar. I love working with the jellyfish they are translucent and float very gracefully. Also today, finished the third podcast about plankton which will be put in the mail tomorrow to be posted on the website soon. Amy Pierson (NOAA Teacher at Sea) and I tried on our plankton costumes for photo shoots around the ship, and gave everyone a good laugh! Interestingly today, we were off the coast of Atlantic City and were able to see the lights off the shore. Right now we are off the coast of Long Island and hopefully later we will see the lights of New York. Tomorrow we are steaming back into Woods Hole for a personnel transfer and then head up to Georges' Bank and the Gulf of Maine. We are praying for calm weather!

Kim and Amy in plankton costumes
Jellyfish in sieve