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Journals 2006/2007

Mark Harris
Layton High School, Layton, UT

"Stenella Abundance Research Project (STAR)"
July 23, 2006 - August 14, 2006
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August 5, 2006
Turtle Hunting

Lindsey, Jose and I turtle hunting

After putting the CTD unit back on deck the small boat was launched and the turtle hunting began. We spotted 2 turtles together; I dove for the far turtle. Each time I reached out as he was on a deep dive the turtle would turn. After 3 tries I looked up and noticed I was a long way from the surface. I did not want him to get away but knew I had better surface. My lungs did start to burn as I got a little closer to air. The chase is so much fun; I have a hard time describing it in mere words. We ended up catching 2 turtles on this outing. We are now catching Olive Ridley and the largest was 29 kilograms.

The turtle action slowed and we took the small boat through a pod of dolphins. I love being on the bow and watching the dolphins bow ride only 2 feet from my nose. They love to bow ride at 8 knots, so we accommodate them at that speed. Whenever you see sea birds, dolphins are usually present which means tuna are under them. It is cool how this ecosystem travels together. Chico, the Bosun, will pull out his fishing pole and we will troll through the dolphins with a squid looking lure. Today Chico hooked a 15 pound yellow fin while fishing, sashimi tonight. I am starting to like sashimi; the taste of raw fish starts to grow on you.

Another beautiful sunset, can life be any sweeter. I realize my time on this ship is precious and I am trying to enjoy every moment.