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Journals 2005/2006

Debra Slade-Redden
New Caney High School, New Caney, Texas

"Platts Bank Survey"
R/V Galatea
July 10-24, 2005
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July 10, 2005
A day of travel

My trip began with a delay at the Houston airport due to Hurricane Dennis causing problems at the airport in Atlanta. Finally, two hours later we were able to leave for Atlanta. As I sat back I began to think of the trip ahead, I had no idea what would be expected of me on the research vessel. I knew it would be a study of large marine vertebrates and the factors that invite them to the Platts Bank Area. It will require studying physical factors as well as biological factors. We will look for "hot spots", places of great marine vertebrate activity and test those spots along with inactive areas and compare the two. I spent the two hours of my flight looking over the species I may encounter and their characteristics.

Landing in Atlanta on the tarmac, we ran through driving rain and gusting wind. I entered the terminal and scrambled to find out where my connecting flight was departing. Of course it was leaving from a different terminal and following the advice of a very nice gentlemen, I took off running on the moving sidewalk. After arriving in the correct terminal, I stopped to ask what gate my flight would be leaving from. An airport attendant told me it was two gates down and the flight would be leaving in four minutes. Upon arrival at the gate, there was no one present except the flight maintenance man. He told me he thought the flight had already left. Evidently panic was written on my face and he agreed to take me to see if the plane was still there. Thankfully, the plane was still there and I settled in for the last part of my trip.

At the Portland airport, I was picked up by Lewis Incze, one of the scientists in charge of the research and taken to the house I shared with several of the researchers. Upon arrival, I met Heather McCrae, Moriah Bessinger, Kerry Lagueux and Mackey Greene the boat's captain. Finding out we were to meet at the dock at 5:30 in the morning, we decided we should get some sleep.

My home for two weeks.   View from our living room window.