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Journals 2004/2005

Laurelynn Brooks
Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon, Washington

"Investigating the link between alkenones and sea surface temperature"
R/V New Horizon
July 5-23, 2004
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July 12, 2004
Oxygen data looks good

I spend the whole day titrating, watching the colors change from rust orange to yellow to blue to clear. At 1700 Brian gives me feedback that the "oxygen data looks good!" I am relieved and proud!

After a delicious dinner of veal Parmesan and artichokes, we collect more samples from the CTD and fill the carboys. I wonder how they got that name - carboys! Richard gives us a pep talk in "CTD etiquette", which means that we close the Niskin bottle lids and tighten the knobs, so that no water samples leak in or out. Now everything is ready on deck for the next science team. And who knows? It just might be us, but it does not matter who it is. We all share the team spirit and want to conduct quality science experiments and help each other out. I sense the unity whether we are hoisting heavy water bottles or reverently taking a moment to watch for the green flash. The feeling reminds me of my happy childhood days with my sister and brothers. I yearn to create this feeling of community in my classroom.

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