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Journals 2005/2006

Greer Harvell
Meigs Middle School, Shalimar, Florida

"Earthwatch: Coastal Ecology of the Bahamas"
July 5-15, 2005
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July 9, 2005
Water Quality

Water Quality.

Today I was working alongside Emily. Her mission is to keep tabs on water quality. This is done by testing the salinity, oxygen level, as well as the visibility. Water quality testing is done 4 times a day at the same time and from the same location each day. The results of the testing are then compiled, and notes added to explain any discrepancies. Emily was kind enough to answer my questions regarding the results collected to date. I was curious about the pattern of the data regarding the oxygen level as it followed the same pattern each day. The oxygen level was higher during the day as a result of photosynthesis-makes perfect sense once it's been explained. The warmer months also encourage greater growth of aquatic plants and algae which can cause oxygen levels to drop sharply during the night. Visibility differences were "clear" even to me (pardon the pun). If there has been a lot of boating activity, then the visibility is lessened considerably. This is definitely a cooler job temperature wise than "land duty". Too bad that it doesn't really take that long each time.

Working with me on water quality are Julie (the female boxer/teacher from Canada), Emma (from Scotland), and Sara (an IB Social Studies teacher from California). The threat of Hurricane Dennis is getting stronger each day. We're out of the path here, but it looks like its heading straight down Ivan's path. We are quite the mixed bag. It's been an added bonus, drawing from so many perspectives.