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Journals 2005/2006

Greer Harvell
Meigs Middle School, Shalimar, Florida

"Earthwatch: Coastal Ecology of the Bahamas"
July 5-15, 2005
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July 14, 2005
Last day

Who would have thought ten days ago that this crazy group would have formed such close ties? Leilani left today on her way to Africa and it really brought home the fact that we won't be seeing each other after tomorrow. It was a sobering realization, although each of us is more than ready to go home, we will miss each other. Phone numbers and emails were exchanged throughout the day, and while tempers grew short as they have each day toward the afternoon when everyone gets tired, we were all a little bit kinder to each other than we have been.

Seining is very hard work! There isn't a single position that doesn't absolutely wear you out! It is different from the seining we did in RI and the seining I have done along the Gulf Coast. One reason is that Dr. Sealy has connected two seining nets with a third net in the middle in an effort to cover more territory in each attempt. We performed three seines at each location at designated times. Working together we collected the specimens as quickly and as gently as possible. The fish were then measured (great measuring devise, see photo ?) counted, and released after the data was recorded. I'll need to begin packing soon, I'm on the first ferry out tomorrow morning. It's been great, but I'm ready to go home.

Fish on the measuring tray.   Seining (No, that's not me in the bikini, I'm swimming behind the net trying to hold it down.)